What does one do with success…?

2018-10-02 in Web Design

I recently met a remarkable young lady and her family from Punta Arenas, a small town located at the end of the world, in the southernmost tip of Patagonia, Chile. Some five years ago, at the age of twenty-two, she was selected to be Miss Punta Arenas, and part of her prize was a new car presented by the government. Most young people at her age, gifted with such stunning beauty, would be thrilled with a new car and bask in the glory of success. 

However, this young lady took a very different approach. She launched a fund raiser and asked that her new car be sold, with all proceeds being donated to the firemen and women of Punta Arenas, who worked as volunteers, risking their lives without receiving any remuneration. They held regular jobs and were required to immediately report to the fire station to respond to fires and emergencies. Miss Punta Arena’s goal was to change the status of the firefighters and ensure that they were adequately compensated for their critical contribution towards the safety of the community. She succeeded in creating a fund and pushed forward an awareness program that resulted in firefighters receiving a regular monthly salary from thereon.

Sometimes, the most beautiful flower in the garden gets to experience a rich but short journey in a palace, where it is marvelled at by many. However, the same flower can also remain in the garden and spread its beauty for the benefit of all other flowers, elevating the status of the whole garden. I salute this precious soul who applied the gifts of her youth, beauty, success, and position in the community to leave behind an enduring legacy with exemplary compassion and humility… 
God bless her, always. 
©Amyn Dahya

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